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After calling the 877-202-0987 Customer Service number for the Premier Colon Cleanse and speaking with a woman named Shamaya (sp.?) who wouldn't identify where she was other than to say she was with a company called African Mango something or other, she said it too fast to understand and wouldn't repeat it that I've just now realize I've also been duped by this company.

I also fell for the 14 day free trial for $4.95 S/H fee, money back guarantee at the start of April.

At the end of the trial, I noticed no change at all.

To my surprise, I received a refill sometime in May which I took it back to my local Post Office, had it stamped Return To Sender and also CANCEL ORDER Written on front and back of package.

Didn't hear back from them until I returned from an extended trip in July and saw they had mailed more refills. 1 for July and another one for August.

What's worst is that they've been billing my credit card $77.86 every month since May.!!!

I'm trying to get my money back, but, I can't seem to find someone that works for them that would process the refund for me.

The same thing is happening with another product that was sold in conjunction.

Super Garcinia is another scam proving to be a costly mistake too for $79.95 per each unsolicited refill they sent every month since May and was also returned to them in the same fashion as the unsolicited Premier Colon Cleanse.

To add injury to insult, The Customer Rep for Super Garcinia tells me they can only refund me the refill they've sent for August. They declined refund any other shipment because it's past the 30 days from when they last shipped a refill on 7/11/14. Never mind that it arrived on 7/14/14 when I was away from home.

The Government ought to start a Fraud investigation on both of these 2 products and protect unsuspecting buyers to fall prey to their scam.

My only recourse is now to take it up with my credit card company and hope they help me recover my money.

Lesson learned. !!! Always check your credit card statements, specially if they're paperless.

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Uckfield, England, United Kingdom #886354

To all of you who have experienced the same problem with company

I phoned my banks fraud dept and blocked premier cleanse and ketone from taking any more payments from my debit card and any further payments would be recalled

I also phoned premier cleanse on 001 8555 722555 and they cancelled my account after I explained I'd been in touch with the banks fraud dept

Just to add when I phoned my bank they had already heard of this company so they must have problems with the before

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