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I ordered and tried the Garcinia Cambogia from Optimal Garcinia Cambogia in Santa Ana, CA and the only thing I lost was almost $100 for the trial. They advertise it at $4.95 and then have a clause to cancel with 14 days or be charged 77 additional dollars.

Unfortunately this clause is very hidden and not seen until you have already lost your money. I lost 0 pounds with the product and it is a total farce!!!! Warn customers about this as they are very rude and difficult to cancel with.

Also along those lines they advertise Premier Cleanse which is on their website but sent by CRC company at the same address.

They do the exact same thing and then won't answer their phones when you call to cancel. Both are total ripoffs and should be reported to the authorities.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I have to call *** on part of your complaint you claim that you couldn't see the "clause" to cancel until after you already lost your money eh?. how bout this.

be more diligent there is no "FREE" trial of anything. if it were free you'd not even pay s&h charges. and even then you should have known to read the fine print, even without reading it you should know this is how these companies operate. they expect people like yourself to fall for this and you clearly have.

going to the authorities will most likely get you nowhere though.

as no crime was committed. *** service yes but it's not a crime.

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