I ordered the Premiere colon cleanse online, this was a trial offer, no mention of after 16 days you would be charged full price for the trial offer ( I did not see one), they practically harassed me calling 6-10 times a day wanting me to take some special offer, I asked them to stop calling me and now this bill I totally cannot afford (senior).

So they have charged me $77.86 for a small 16 day supply. I have a mind to sue them, I did not give authorization for them to use my card again. RIP OFF someone should check into this.

Monetary Loss: $78.

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Absolute rip off. Do not believe a word they say.

There was nothing FREE about this rip off company.

They didn't give me even Me a week to try it. I hate this *** game

Charleston, South Carolina, United States #707578

i agree there was no mention of a 14 or 16 day trial and then i was billed $77.86 on my debit card and when i called i was told tuff *** pretty much....they had no remorse for charging me especially when i ordered it i was told i was only gonna be charged $4.95 for shipping and received NO paperwork with my order this is B.S.

and i will not reorder nor will i refer this company to anyone else


to FREDDIE Austin, Texas, United States #711213

OMG I have been on the phone with them 4 1 hour 32 min..got disconnected twice!! and now on hold for the 3rd time!!! WTF!!

to Anonymous Gillette, Wyoming, United States #712373

Here is another number to call 1-877-999-3245, i went threw this same *** scam, and i went to the bank first and they had me call them to see if they would refund my money back cause those charges were not accepted by me and they didn't say anything about them taking that out of my account so i threaten a lawyer or the bank was going to do the dispute for me because it was unartherized to take that money out and she said let me talk to my manager, and guess what got all the money back into my account today. so try this i'm sure it will work.

Then at the end of all this she asked is there any better service we could do, so i got real pissed and said you need to quite scamming people and lieing to them about this product, tell everything straight forward, then i said good-bye.

So good luck. :(

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